January 1, 2010

Poll Results- New Moon thoughts

Well.... the poll is closed, the results are in, AND it looks as if we have a tie?!?! Boooo no one likes a tie.. but this one is okay, I guess. We asked you all to tell us what you thought of New Moon and you responded! Thanks! From the poll it seems like the majority LOVED the movie 100% yet the same amount of you thought there were wayyyy too many trailers and sneak peeks! I totally agree!!! It was all fine and dandy in the beginning when I was new to the whole Twilight thing, but by September I wanted to gauge my eyes out! HAHA not really.. but I did get annoyed with the overwhelming amount of trailers. So I hope for Eclipse Summit doesn't over do it with the trailers. Although I've vowed not to watch any trailers, for the sake of everyone else.... I hope it doesn't become too much to bear! =) Thanks again for voting. We'll be adding new polls within time.
You HATED the billion previews... photo source

LOVED the movie!!!

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