November 26, 2009


Hello followers and fellow NM junkies! hope everyone is having a GREAT Thanksgiving!! If not, then... I'm sorrie... go see New Moon and it will cheer you up. If you are having a good time... go see New Moon!! Haha take your uncle or a cousin or neighbor to see NM. haha! Can you tell I'm trying to spread the New Moon cheer? it's the side effect of listening to X-mas music LOL... but yea hope you all have a awesome day!!

xoxo, TwiHershey
***Msg from TwiRemedy:
it's already Thanksgiving? it feels like i just started reading the books last week even though i found them and read them all the same week last June. My life has been all Twi all the time since then and it's pretty satisfying. It's funny to think reading about a guy from a book makes me happy but that's how bad things were before Twi. I am thankful for the people in life it's brought me closer to and next year i will be thankful for meeting Rob :) Hope your having a good one cause i'm thankful for all of you as well. Should we go see New Moon a third time today???

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