November 24, 2009

The Twilight cast uncensored: they're cussing up a storm just the way i like it!

You thought i was bad? well they're worst! Found these videos via LTT and i had to post them. The Twicast is filled with sailors and i'm loving every dirty minute of it! They cuss up a storm and let me say it's inappropriately hilarious! Abbage for your caggage? wait, what? love it!!!

This interview is by far the best but i gotta ask how much she drank before going into the room? heffa's on one, i love how she got them to play along with the exception of Taylor and a few Cullens, damn prudes. I think Kstew wants to go black but she's a little afraid cause she can't go back, word! Can someone tell me where's to find the list to become a wolf pack bitch? I run with vampires but wouldn't mind laying with wolves.

1 comment:

  1. wow! deff the funniest interview i've seen of the cast... yea some didnt have much to say. and dnt hate on Tay... he's still young.... wait til he hits 18 i'm sure by then he'll expand his vocab like the other wolves



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