November 28, 2009

Could Twilight be better than New Moon??

it's been a week since the world changed, only a week for New Moon to become this big record breaker. However New Moon the movie bothers me, to be fair i need to break everything into categories.

Bella and Edward's chemistry:
The first kiss between Bella and Edward in Twilight made us want Edward to no end. The ending kiss at prom left us wanting more. Did the chemistry between them transfer to New Moon? I don' think so, the moan-kiss after her birthday party was pure hotness and it was nothing compared to the first in Twilight. I'm sorry to say but Twilight's Bella and Edward out shines New Moon's.

New Moon's vampires looked more attractive, Bella, Edward and Jacob were clearly different skin tones yet Twilight portrayed them all as  the same color and to be honest they all looked like ghosts. New Moon's special effects were amazing, the vampires moved with grace, Edward sparkled he didn't glisten. Edward looked exactly as described in the book-square jaw and all. New Moon's Bella was beautiful throughout, to be honest some of the costumes were hideous but it worked.

Twilight was directed by the book, any new creations meshed with the book and made it better. New Moon seemed to use the book as a reference but in my opinion they dropped some of the more important things. To top it off the Bk/virgin ad placements were ridiculous.

Honestly New Moon surpassed Twilight because it was given so much exposure. Chris is by far a better director than Cathy will ever be and yet Twilight might just be the better movie but i blame that on the writing.
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