December 9, 2009

What the **** Summit, the fans followed through so why haven't you?

Did we really get @Twilight over 200,000 followers and all we got was this mess?
Summit Entertainment Another 200K exclusive! ECLIPSE will also be available in IMAX theatres on 6/30/10.
Really Summit is that the best you can do? i mean New Moon did hit over half a million dollars did it not? couldn't you have given us a sneaky peek trailer? a damn photo? who gives a damn if Eclipse will be shown in Imax, i could have gotten that bit of info from fandango. I don't even give a damn about Imax, i could watch Eclipse hanging from a damn window like a monkey and i'd be happy. I've been, um...reading and i just realized what they did and i had to say something cause it's not right, couldn't we have gotten this with the bed, minus the sheets?

if you entered the #seenewmoonagain Twitter contest this could be you, hope you loves you some Chris
Summit Entertainment Sweeps update! Chris Weitz will call the winner! Tweet @Twilight "I've seen New Moon __ times!#SeeNewMoonAgain" Rules 
 Dear Summit, i got my eye on you, you still owe me for New Moon we know what i'm talking about so fix it! love, not really, kinda, sorta maybe not so much right now, Me.

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