December 1, 2009

Did Stephenie Meyer dream up The Twilight Saga or dd it come from someone else?

Stephenie Meyer tells the world she had a dream and after she woke up she was inspired to write Bella's story this was June 2 2003. The funny thing about success, it draws out anything in the same genre where it be movies or books.

The Twilight saga is about a girl falling in love with a vampire who lives on the blood of animals. The vampire falls for this girl as well and even though he's drawn to her blood they somehow accidentally creates a half human half vampire child who falls in love with a wolf. Did i mention the vampires and wolves have been at war since the begining of time? However the wolves in their town are shape shifters who become wolves to protect their people from vampires.

Vampire Diaries is about a girl who falls in love with a vampire who survives on the blood of animals. The girl looks identical to his love from the past, the love of his life he lost and she was also in love with his brother. Did i mention the brothers can go out in the sunlight? they don't sparkle like the vampires in the Twilight saga, their rings protect them from burning in the sunlight.

Underworld is a movie about a vampire who saves the life of a human and ends up falling in love with him. The human carries a special gene so if bitten by a wolf or vamp he'd become their ultimate weapon. Well the vamp bites the human to save his life after he's bitten by a wolf and becomes part wolf, part vamp. Did i mention the vamps and wolves have been at war for centuries? The war started because the leader of the vampire coven killed his daughter after she fell in love with a wolf and became pregnant with vamp/wolf baby.
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Now i love the saga and while i hate to be the one to say this, the story might not be very original. Vampire diaries was published in 90's and Underworld hit theaters in '03. Could this be the reason Ms. Meyer is trying to prevent the Twilight saga from becoming more popular?

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  1. Well my dear, I think you just might be right. I have watched Underworld (with that handsome hard body Michael Sheen.) The concept is the same. When I saw the scene in Twilght of the meadows, I kept saying I had seen the movie. However it was not the movie it was a billboard of Vampire Diary back four or five years ago when I worked in Santa Monica. Anyway I am still a Twilight die hard.



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