December 31, 2009

Rob pic...

** Correction** apparently due to my lack of Rob Knowledge the photo below is not new, and i had not idea =/ but it was new to my eyes since i wasnt a TwiFan back when this pic was new and Rob looked cute. Sorry again for the posting error

I know, I know... TwiRemedy HATES when I post things that other sites, literally every other site, has already posted... but I couldn't help myself... i figured its about to be a new year, a new decade, and well I wanted to be nice. =) I saw a pic of RPattz.. and y'all already know I'm a wolf girl... but...... ummm Rob looks hott... I almost hate to say it.. but he does, at least with his hair cut short and all. Now if he looked like this in Twilight I might've been on his team! So here's my nice Rob post since its the end of 2009 and I want to start 2010 off nicely! enjoy- I know TwiRemedy is sneaking a peek at work... dying =)

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