December 7, 2009

Haters of all things Twilight

Yesterday TwiRemedy was telling me about this unfolding situation w/ Chaske. Apparently some a-hole is a mega hater and told some tabloids that our beloved Chaske used to be in rehab and had drug issues?! WTF... who is this person and why are they such a hater?! Personally what the various twi-cast members have done or experienced in their life that is personal info, like this rehab rumor, is NONE of our business. Apparently the person who "outted" him is upset that Chaske has changed his life and is doing bigger and better things. Its sad to hear that people are stooping to such low levels to get money or to give someone else a bad name. Obviously their little scheme didn't work because the fans are going to support him regardless! Hopefully Chaske can find out who leaked this person info and punch them in the face give them a good talkin to. I just hope no other bad news about the twi-cast gets leaked... can you imagine headline reading "Rob Pattinson is a sex addict" lmao... okay, sorrie this is a serious subject matter... no rumors are good or funnie.

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