December 31, 2009

WOOO its New Years Eve & a Wolf's b-day!

Well, it may already be 2010 in some countries further East... but its still 2009 in California.. so that also means its my other fav wolf's b-day!! Yep... Bronson Pelletier [aka Jared] turns 23! Finally! Now TwiRemedy cant make fun of me for liking yet another younger guy! haha Bronson is the same age now! ;) It must be pretty cool knowing that everyone else in the world is celebrating on your birthday also... maybe not for the same exact reason, but still partying! Hope you all have a same and fun New Years Eve! If you're old enough, have a drink on behalf of Bronson's b-day! haha I know I will! =)

and this is the picture that made me think "move over Taylor i was this guy" haha sooo darn cute!

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