October 21, 2009

Another never before seen New Moon clip *updated*

Sorry for posting so late, fell asleep, missed the time when they video hit the internet, was counting down by reading New Moon (Jacob's part). Let me start by saying I apologize for second guessing Chris weisz, he.is.a. genius, Jacob wolf looks amazingly bear like...he.is.HUGE! loves you Chris daddy boo, boo boo, boo. Um why is Bella being so judgy? and wtf is going on between Edward and Jacob? you must watch!

via: Twi_Guy Roo
Shall we discuss:
  • Team Edward for the win! lol that's all i had to say on that :)
  • When did Edward and Jacob fight? just curious cause i'm all confuzzled
  • Photobucket source Jacob turns into a rat? lol sorry thought that was funny, had to share.

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