October 23, 2009

New Moon "Sneak Peaks": when is it too many?

I noticed yesterday that we've been given 4 different New Moon clips this week!!! I think in total there has been maybe 10 clips?! Seriously Summit!! Is it necessary to dish out that many clips?? I getting a little, just a little, annoyed with all these "new clips"! Just show me the movie, geesh... November 20 is 4 weeks-- 28 days away and it seems like forever!! And i just love [sike] how Summit continues to shove these trailors in our faces, but the second we put it on YouTube they wanna take it off! It's not like their losing money from the leaked clips... So since i'm off work 2day i've decided to compile a list of ALL the NM "sneak peaks" we've been given and a little commentary from me =) AND if youtube & summit is nice today i'll post a video of my fav trailor.

clip #1 - MTV movie awards
clip #2 - comic con Jacob/Bella and the bike scene -- aww we all got to see how HOTT jailbait is
clip #3 - comic con - Bella looking for edward in italy -- we saw how.. hairy Rob's torso is, yet u Rob fans didnt care.. lmao
clip #4 - "meet Jacob Black" trailor --- YAY for Tay! hahaha just made that up, my new Taylor slogan/phrase
clip #5 - the preview shown before 'Sorority Row' -- shocking! lol
clip #6 - MTV VMAs -- aside from the fact Rob, KStew, and Tay went MIA after the clip aired
clip #7 - the clip from the Scream 2009 Awards. I only saw 1 vid of this.. but it includes Chaske and Alex, something like the "meet jacob black" trailor.
clip #8 - Bella punches Paul- HILARIOUS ... and Bronson/ "Jared" is tooo cute =)
clip #9 - the "TV spot" trailor... this is the one with various scenes thrown into one, and it uses the phrase "When forever ends, a new legend begins" .. Jake looks like he's gonna rip Eward to pieces.. lol [still dont know which scene thats from, im guess the very end of NM when Bella gets in trouble about the motorcyce?]
clip #10 - Edward & Felix [?] fight; Volturi scene
clip #11 - the full break-up scene -- i just saw this one today. not sure if it previewed before a new released movie, but it seemed like it from the vid clip i saw.

-- did i leave any clips out?!?! the only type of clips we've haven't been shown are the ones w/ Bella's school mates- Jessica, Eric, Mike & Angela. the first clip aired in June[?] at the MTV Movie awards.. and the last 4 aired this week via Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, and other media outlets... I read somewhere that a clip is going to air during Prime Time TV on ABC.. i'm guessing theres a show that need ratings? shame.... So Summit, please chill out with the trailors... please.. let us all breathe until Nov. 20 gets here or i swear i'll only go see New Moon once!!!! LoL

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