October 18, 2009

The Insider's New Moon Monday

Hi faithful viewers and all new-visitors! Sorrie I've been soooo MIA the last few days.School is hectic and then I went to Vegas this wkend to see my boo J.Timberlake (can we say greatest performer EVER? I think we can!) Any-hoo I had a blast in Vegas... but I actually have some NM news.. haha for some reason Twilight won't stop following me. So as I was in vegas getting ready Saturday, on TV The Insider weekend edition showed some good NM footage. Not sure if thats what they're going to air at the Scream Awards... we'll have to wait and see but this is what they showed... Do we all remember the NM scene where Bella runs up to the Wolf Pack all mad and then Paul morphs in front of her?! WELL there's a portion of dialog that occurs we haven't seen. The clip was of Bella b**ch slapping Paul then he starts huffing and puffing like a true wolf before he morphs! Personally I thought it was funnie so I can't wait to see what they say to each other prior to Paul getting slapped, cause I dnt remember that from the book. So to see the whole clip, check out The Insider Monday night, check your local listings for exact times.. u don't wanna miss this!!!
more Taylor pics from last night!!!!!

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