October 19, 2009

Last week of filming for Eclipse? *updated*

There's been a rumor circulating about this being the last week of filming, this is weird because i thought the last day of filming would be friday Oct 30. A few sites reported this and tonight the director, David Slade also tweeted something of the same story. It seems they're ahead of schedule? will keep you posted as i find more info!
Shooting first day in the Cullen house, its the first day we managed to shoot more than our schedule.
 from webDAVID_A_SLADE

Wonder if this is from my favorite chapter? you member right? I'll give you a tip-Bella, Edward, a bed, secret sleep over.....joking loves or am i???
So i was right, filming doesn't end til next week....i'd be a damn good investigator lol
Just one week and a few days to go to complete principle photography, the finish line seems still so far.
 from webDAVID_A_SLADE

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