October 21, 2009

To the "vultures" and "rogue tourists":

First there was the set stalking twihards, the people who set stalked and caused problems, (i leveled with my peeps and they listened) but now there's complaints of "vultures" and "rogues"...the "vultures" i can't address because the paps will do what they do, they could do it from a distance that's why they have those big as cameras!

i'm sticking it to the "rogues" because they're supposed to be twilight fans, WTF, how many time must i remind Rob scares easily, translation: don't go hunting after the man because he'll go deeper into hiding. Do we want our Robbie turning into the mole man?

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no i didn't think so, so back the F-OFF! Kstew will cuss you out so i'm not too worried about her. Do you people not have jobs? families? lives? are you such losers you can fly around the world at the drop of a hat. Let's get it together people, i leave you with this important message:
"These kids are just trying to film a damn movie—wish the world could let them." 
A little new moon to bring you back down from all that hatred
Robert Pattinson



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