October 19, 2009

Bella fights for her man best buddy

Did we all see the Entertainment Tonight exclusive NM clip?! Taylor even introduced it!! Suppossedly this clip was shown at the Scream Awards this past weekend. Im still partially sad i wasnt there... coulda met my jailbait.. BUT Mr. Timberlake was in Vegas.. and well i really love that man.. but this blog isnt about JT... Scream Awards- NM clip- Bella slugs/punches/slaps Paul in the face!

Im sure from the very beginning when the very NM clip was released, we all sat and wondered WTF... is Bella running from Laurent?" "Her clothes are diff... who is she running from?" those questions are FINALLY answered! the answer: Paul. From the clip, and my own brain storming this is what i conclude: Bella confronts wold pack about Jacob's sudden wierdness/ Paul acts all bad-ass, brushed Bella off and laughs in her face/ Bella gets beyond pissed and does what we all think of doing when someone makes us angry... she sluggs the s**t out of Paul's face! haha THEN after he morphs into "the big bad wolf" and Bella regrets ever touching Paul she runs for her life towards Jake's house.... and then the more popular clip comes into play... Jacob morphs into a wolf and in wolf-talk, tell Paul to "back the f**k up!" hahaha i'm totally exaggerating that last part, but i'm sure he thinks something to that effect! well enough of my commentary.. check out the clip TwiRemedy/Mrs E.C. posted above..

in one more month... we'll get 2 hours on this! It's almost illegal!

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