October 20, 2009

Itunes exclusive New Moon clip!

This video is amazing! watch full screen, take my word for it! i haven't bought my new moon premiere tickets and i'm wondering how many people can say the same? Don't get me wrong i will see the movie on Nov. 19, after seeing that clip i want to see the movie even more (but i might have to exchange sexual favors to do so) the theater i had my heart set on wants $15, now let me say how much i love Robbie but i'm not paying $15 for one ticket when i can go watch it in the ghetto twice for that price, yes i did say ghetto, no not dirty kinda ghetto....lady in front of you yelling at the screen ghetto, you know the one that makes you want to sharpen your cup and cut her with it. I have so many stories about that lady you'd swear she was the same person but nope i'm just lucky like that. I even find her in other places like the laundromat and grocery store so i know her ass will be in new moon and she'll be lost as hell. I did not wait 102 dys to hear "oooh he a vampire" "why he leaving her?" "don't leave her!" I will cuss somebody out, trust, i've been practicing my Kstew b*tch face (like i don't have my own) i will go off.

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