October 22, 2009

Happy Belated Cougar Cathy

Yesterday was cougar Cathy's birfday, Damn 1955??? how are you still that flexible? hip replacements are really advanced! not bad at all...explains why she's so frisky

we wanted her to think we forgot hehehe, then again the cougar's been around longer than Edward (heard she was there when they created dirt, joking Cathy we loves you) but we were in no rush to celebrate this year because that would be like admitting your too old for Rob. Any who they sent me some of your msgs, accidentally of course, or maybe they thought you didn't want them since your so busy with all your up coming projects...damn do you have your hands full, i do not envy you, well i do a little Robbie didn't send me anything this year.
Even Robbie sent you a little sumin sumin to celebrate, it came with a note: Thinking of you always!

Um, there was a third msg but it was anonymous and they wanted to tell you to put away the mini skirts and mini dresses,  crop tops, belly shirts, tight dresses, tight shirts, Jamaican braids and leave all that for Nikki and Kstew, say it with me now new wardrobe.....wonder who sent that one? shame on you!


*This isn't real, well it really came out the corners of my crazy mind, does that count? can't believe i need to explain this...

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