October 18, 2009

Kstew's back!

to LA that is, even though she wasn't spotted at the scream awards tonight (don't ask where i was, went to salon got my hair done, was planning on going over there but fell asleep......listen no Rob or Kris means no excitement for me) *side note: was reading a copy of Cosmo today, the one with shut your mouth Megan on the cover, inside she was gushing about her Kstew girl crush! did you ever doubt it? is there anyone who doesn't want some of the stew?
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this was her coming through LAX this morning (damn job causes me to miss everything) um is it me or she holding that bag like a weapon??? am just saying girl, your still a sexy bitch even coming off a plane.
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now i see why the paps piss them off so much, must he be so damn close??? one worst Kristen....SWING!

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