October 19, 2009

Timbaland wants Edward and Bella??

Twihershey told me about this interview, she was in Vegas over the weekend and rubbed it in my face cause she found it before i did, i was lazy and just got around to telling you guys...sorries. Timbs, who i love very much wants to create a underworld/twilight mash up and he wants Rob and Kstew but he-Timba-would have the lead role *roles eyes* as a vampire
"We would protect her while he goes away from the other dude (Jacob) and the other people (the Cullens)," 
This is the part i love the best:
"And I have part two to the single too," 
So the big "fanpire" who watched twilight and both seasons of true blood want to recreate new moon but he don't know the story? did i understand him right? Timbs is a great musician but like everyone else he's trying to cash in on twilight...at least that's what i saw between the lines. Don't get me wrong, he's made a lotttt of small people big and he's a genius but come on we don't need twilight the ghetto version we already have twilight porn.  BSB tried the vampire thing too and it wasn't their best video. If you want to read the entire interview, find it here.


  1. Ok, I am going to defended Timbaland. The party was jumping all the way til 4am, and I think he should jump on a video of Edward and Bella, and OMG please, please don't leave JT at home. It would be so hot just remeber JT singing the closing song at the after party "you are the crazy B-t-H I know" I can hear the harmony and the melody. Somebody please call Justin & Timbaland and let's get that pary started.

  2. Um, I think JT's got his hand busy with Jessica and her issues. I can't take Timbaland seriously until he can say i read twilight because twilight the movie, twilight the book and true blood are all different monsters. Besides can we not encourage more musicians, there's enough bad twilight music out there already i.e. most of the new moon soundtrack....sorry :)



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