October 4, 2009

It's like the holy grail! Pics of Rob and Kstew

This is my last day in the old apt and i will be internet less unless Wed morning (let's keep our fingers crossed) it's as if the god knew i would be lonely for the next two days and sent me this!

it's daddy! looking oh so yummy in this shot from last night with the exception of that damn hat.

while there are so many things wrong with that coat/thing/whatever her hair is growing out so lay off!
Eclipse is set to wrap on Oct. 31-and they'll be back in LA on Nov.1!(hopefully)-Rob and Kstew was out last night celebrating Bobby's last night in Vancouver.

while i'm here Robbie, isn't that the same shirt you wore on your drunk night last weekend?? don't look at me like that, i like the jeans! more pics from last night, check the archives for last weekend if you need more Rob.
***see you guys on wed morning! Welcome follower #7 i still appreciate you even though your team darkside Jacob, you know who you are you sexy thang, fyi if you wanna convert to team Paul i will soooo understand!
** Follower #7- I, TwiHershey, love that you're Team Jacob! Go us!!! Best team!!! lol ALL Team Jacob-ers are the SH!* =) ... and Kim... stop trying to convert my teammates!

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