October 10, 2009

Twilight Merchandise

I'm somewhat secure enough to let the world know i shop at Torrid (cute clothes that fit my boobs what can i say), I've been waiting for the New Moon line since i know for sure the sh*t at Nordstrom's will not fit me even if i saran wrap my body with oil i could slick my way into those small ass shirts. I noticed they add a few shirts, they only had the one of Edward, Bella and Jacob since august, i was so ashamed when i came across these....
New Moon - Jane Volturi 3/4-Sleeve Top SKU: 588643
Dakota already has a big head, iiiii don't think i want to have it plastered across my chest
Then there's the Forks Tee, um....what can i say without sounding like a b*tch, i love Twilight but i really could care less about Forks or their highschool.
New Moon - Forks High Tee SKU: 591186
Then there's Bella's dress.....
New Moon - Bella's Green Taffeta Dress SKU: 580954
are you f*cking kidding me, Bella/Kstew didn't look so great in that dress so i know for damn sure i won't either, that thing would be a fugly mistake! I won't even start on the Edward and Jacob shirts.....decided for yourselves.
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