October 8, 2009

Message from TwiRemedy[Kim]

This was posted eariler... Kim invaded my pretty lil post with a rambling about Rob.. sooo since I'm home now from a looonng day at school, I've decided to place her lovely message in its own space. Mainly because it took up too much of my "Taylor Space" as i told BFF. So if you've read this before.. check out the Rob pic I added... if you havent read it... start reading... now!!

TwiRemedy here: Need to blog (lmfao, Twihershey says Twilight has become my crack so i find new ways of getting my fix) blogging from work again....god damn....how many days til saturday???? til internet connection??? how many days til NM and my damn vacation??? can you say hallelujah!!! Am intruding on BFF's blog because i don't have enough time to create one of my own, besides this damn computer doesn't allow me to add pictures.
I've been going through Twilight withdrawl to the extend that i've watch the dvd three times in 24hrs and yes i found new mistakes. Then i outted myself to my coworkers by saying how much i'm dying for Nov. 19 no, not Nov. 20th Nov.19 you better recognize like a true twihard would. Got a three day weekend coming up and you can be sure i will be blogging those 72 hrs straight if my body will let me.
Then i tried blogging from my cellphone which by far is the most hilarious thing this week because it showed up as six different blogs and all symbols (some of you might have noticed it before twihershey had a chance to remove it).
As if that wasn't bad enough i'm questioning Rpattz.....i'm going crazy i tell ya, certifiable! I hate having a computer and no damn internet....only 48hrs to go and this will be a bad memory or i will go into bitch mode severly! Doesn't help that our site is filled with Taycon, wtf is that, someone needs a time out and yes that means you hershey!

This blog has been approved by Rob! LoL [picture credit here]

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