October 10, 2009

My reasons for loving Rob~revisited

hello, because he has those eyes?!?! and duh because he's Robalicious!!! Honestly because he's not Edward (yeah, yeah shut the hell up) he's not dark and brooding, maybe a little cranky but we asked for it by supporting the paps who follow him 24/7. He's funny, charming, spontaneous, he's a great actor and musician....there's so many it's hard to name them all.

Found a great interview Rob gave the Sydney Morning Herald, it reminded me of the reasons we love Rob. He thinks we scream Edward and not Robert when he's in public so he can't even find a date.....most women might (i for one yell Robward but that's just me and can i say i will scream anything he wants, anytime he wants me to! *wink*) read all three pages it's a great interview.
found this on twilight square, it is sooo cute, why can't we find cute shit like this in the US, it's like foreign countries get the best of everything. Vancouver got the filming of New Moon and Eclipse and now Japan will get to meet Rob and Chris Weitz on Nov. 3 and they get to see the movie on Nov. 17th....yeah it's premiering on Nov. 16 in LA, we live around the corner but that doesn't mean our asses will get to see the movie before the 20th. read the whole story here.

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