October 4, 2009

What the [%^!&] happened?!?!

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days! I've been super busy with school && Kim is moving. Sooo much has gone on in the Twilight world, idk where to start! I've looked around at some of my lovely Twi-sources and this is what i've found:

- the make-up artist does a FABULOUS job on Tinsel [aka Emily]... those scars looks scary & definitely make you feel for her.. just like in the book.
- Alex Maraz [Paul/wolfpack] has Twitter? AND he was once a VAMPIRE?! now if HE was Edward I'd be team vampire!

- some cast members have finished filming [i.e. D.Fanning]

- ummm wolf pack in Robes && UGGS?! too cute! I knoww Kim posted a pic like this one [or mayb it was the same one, but it must be reposted.. this boys look good!]

- Cutest Tay pic EVER is found in the NM Companion book... Tay sleeping ;) [dnt worry im thinking pure thoughts.. hahaha]

- a lot of the main cast have done interviews with random magazines that cant be found in th USA- boooooo Can some USA magazines get some interviews/photo shoots please?! Thanks!

and a Bonus pic... because this dude is my #2 fav wolf! Bronson plays Jared in the movies.. dont remember much of the character in the book, so I guess its time I re-read NM.

-- did i miss anything major? I probably did. but let me know!! I'll post more later tonight

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