October 7, 2009

Stop, Breathe and Think for a second...Does Robward or Kstew matter???

So this article has been causing quite a sitr on the internet it's called Why Kristen Stewart matters bascially it's author tried to understand the publics fascination with Kstew. Now personally i think Kstew is the sh*t but i've been watching her movies for the last ten years as well-i'm 22-and i'm sorry to say but even though the author was pretty harsh she made a valid point. Kristen had the same painful scream at the end of Twilight, in New Moon after Edward left, in Panic Room when she need her meds and Speak when that futucker was raping her, her acting style is the same. Let's take a minute and think, if she wasn't Bella we would be obsessed over what ever actress was given the part...not to say Kstew wouldn't blow up in her own her way but let's be real Bella did a lot for her in terms of becoming a household name.

I loves me some Rpattz but it's the same story i mean if he didn't get that part we'd be swoony over another actor. Besides i find that i'm more attracted to Rob as Edward than his everyday grungy look. He's hot but as Edward he becomes irrestible so just think about it. TwiHershey has asked me this question before and i hate to even think about it but we might want to take a second and evaluate who we love Rob or Edward, Bella or Kristen.

I won't even touch the topic of their "relationship" that will be discussed as soon as my internet is up on saturday afternoon. I will say i do have their chemistry with a "friend" of mine and he's still just that, a friend, if i were paid to fondle him on a daily then hell yea i would so do it with out hesitation but just because we're attracted to each other doesn't mean we're together......am just saying!

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