October 1, 2009

Twilight....how i missed thee :(

if i were a glove upon thy hand, oh wait, sorry that's Romeo and Juliet. I have some moving drama so i'm temporarily stalled until i work my shit out, basically i will be homeless this weekend unless i find another apartment to lease because i refuse to stay in the current one.
Found myself going through vampire withdrawal tonight until i realized it's Thursday night which means..........Vampire Diaries!!! the make up is getting so much better they are looking hotttttt. Anyways, it's as if they knew i was watching and they knew i had a shitty day because this weeks episode opened to Damon-hmmmm Damon-he was reading New Moon, yup you read that right. Anyways in his usual smart ass tone-another reason i love him sooooo-he started making fun of Edward for "sounding whipped". The chick asked him how come he doesn't sparkle and his response?? this is Damon after all "because i live in the real world where vampires burn in the sun....blah, blah...it's complicated, text me" can you say L-O-L-O-L-O-V-E, i worship at the alter that is Damon lol.

As if my night could possibly get any better BFF showed me a blog of someone trashing everyone i can't stand on twitter, they go to say what I've been told not to say-damn BFF she's worst than the man-i guess she's trying to avoid drama. This person makes a lot of sense, why is it certain people run into the entire cast so often unless they're stalking. To be honest if they didn't feel the need to remind us how accidental and unintentional their run-ins were no one would really comment on it.....not too much at least.

Before all that drama i did find a really good interview Kristen did in a magazine, a new interview!!! she basically said she was bored because people constantly ask her about Twilight. I thought about this and realized she had a point, there is no way anyone is creative enough to ask her a question she's hasn't heard from last year until now. We need to bring our A-game people and surprise kstew, no more what kind of underwear does Rob like to wear questions either because kstew will cut a bitch. It's nice to hear her be herself, it was kinda sad too hearing her talk about not leaving her hotel room and dying to go for a run. She has given up a lot and she shows how realistic she is by saying this type of fame is fleeting and she'll be forgotten in a few years. Kstew interview
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