October 8, 2009

1st New Moon soundtrack vid.

Hopefully none of you saw those random postings from eariler... BFF tried blogging from her phone... it was a sad fail =( BUT she did beg me to watch the new Death Cab by Cutie video... mainly cause it has NM clips (which are clips we've already seen with the exception of a few wide shots of the scenery). I've never listened to this groups music.. until now. the video is below, let us know what us think!!!

** does anyone know how this group came up with their name!?!? its soooo random lol so im kinda curious.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Twihershey, a huge fail would be you not knowing the name of a great band, it's Death Cab FOR Cutie not by, read it, remember it, and i promise to never leave you alone again because you starting creating your own music groups and you outted me like the ghetto blaster you are (lol, random, i know, loves you!)



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