October 10, 2009

Ashley tweets Breaking Dawn reminders

I'm finally getting my Twilight fix in and i'm finding some great stuff! I will admit i've been very bored this week (surprised i survive) i made it through thanks to mobile twitter and creativity. i saw this tweet from Ashley.....

FLORIDA vs LSU today! 5pm! So excited to see Tebow back in action! Go Gators! And by default i'll be rooting for the Wisco Badgers! from web AshleyMGreeneAshley Greeneif you remember Breaking Dawn, during Bella's second book Jake blabs his secret to Charlie, who decides to visit Bella after things became uncomfortable Emmett yells "Go Gators" from the living room to distract Charlie (you'll know if you read it, pg 511 Breaking Dawn) i found it ironic that she's also a Florida fan.

1 comment:

  1. Good job for putting a twilight perspective on it... I just assumed she rooted for the Gators cause she's from Florida... kinda like how I love all things Texas!! LoL



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