October 8, 2009

Are you ashamed of being a Twilighter?

We've all had our Twilight saga experiences that we share with friends right? You discuss the most recent Twilight related news, buy magazines or candy or other merchandise right?! Sort of... my friends know I've read the books and watched the movie, partially due to facebook quizzes, but none of them know about the blog... or the fact that i have a crushy-crush on lil Taylor.... OR that i plan on attending TwiTour or the midnight showing on NM. None except Kim... It's not that I'm ashamed to be a Twilighter... but when you work with kids and a 6th grader is reading Breaking Dawn, its not the thing you want to scream to the world, right?! That like me saying i like the Jonas Brothers (which i dont, sorrie. had the boyband phase in my life already-- *Nsync & BsB 4 life!! ) But i first realized my secret Twilighter-ness last week... I went to a Borders store near my school specifically to buy those New Moon chocolates... for the 4th time. Rather than asking a staff person where they were, i walked around the store until I found them... then got too scared to buy them! Idk if it was my feeling sick that made me decide not to get the candy, or the fear of running into someone I knew...

But the funny thing? A few days later I was w/ BFF and what do i do?! Buy the US weekely New Moon magazine! Then Tuesday while at Target getting the new Backstreet CD [which is good, go buy!!] i see the NM companion book... and dont buy it =/ It did have lots of nice pics... i'm reconsidering getting it though... Have any of you had simular experiences?! Leave a comment and let us know also i'm putting up a poll.. let us know if your friends know you're hook'd on Twilight?!?
And for the sake of adding photos... this is the CUTEST pic of Taylor [2nd to the one of him sleeping i posted last week]. This was from the Teen Vogue issue he was on the cover for. And NO i didnt buy it.. i accidently subscribed while entering a NM contest and thats the free issue they sent me! =)

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