October 9, 2009

Kellan's gonna make you scream!!

... Well he might make you scream. Depends on how much you like/dislike scary movies!? I believe later this year or early next year Nightmare On Elm Street will be released, and if you didnt know my Kellan Bear is in it!! Now myself, I like most scary movies. I can sit through NoES, the Saw movies, other 'scary' movies that aren't really scary. BUT I'm just glad Kel Bear isnt doing Halloween... cuz holy crap I WOULDN'T go see that... not after the 2007 version that was too scary for words... okay enough about my fears of Michael Myers.. the point of this post is this: check out the Nightmare on Elm Street trailer! Can you see Kel Bear?!? WARNING: its a bit of a spoiler... you've been warned.

A Nightmare on Elm Street in HD

Trailer Park MySpace Videos

sidenote I DO NOT like what they've done to Freddy's face.. its worst than the original movies... clearly they've got new make-up people... he looks more like the Tales from the Crypt guy...

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