October 7, 2009

Tuesday Funny- way better than Newspaper comic!

Good Morning faithful viewers... yea, I'm awake suuupper early.. many things to do today. But I have taken some time to blog because I havn't been able to the last few days... and I dont want Kim getting fired for blogging at work!... [i hope no one from her job reads this.. if so.. that last part was a joke... about her blogging at work =) ] So in hopes in catching up on the latest Twilight/NM/Eclipse news... I was looking around at Twifans.com and found some funny stuff!!!

[I'm not sure what the wording says, but i'm sure it's funnie!]

Ever wanted to know what the Twilight men would be like if they were strippers?!?! hhahahaha this video is freakin hilarious!.. The men[and boy] of Twilight get sexified!!

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