August 27, 2009

*UPDATE*It's been a good day and an even better Twilight news day :)

Woke up this morning hell bent on rereading New Moon for the third time.........I still don't remember Bella telling Jacob he's beautiful-then again, I speed read through most of their interaction until Edward comes back, the book seems better that way-i guess if she really did say it I will forgive her because she did hit her head.

Sorry back to the news, Lainey Gossip has exclusive reports of Bella punching a certain werewolf on set, they also shot them running through the forest (if i'm not correct this is the beginning of fire and ice, its when he takes her to the top of the mountain to see Edward which means sleeping bag!!! fyi these are some of my fav scenes)

NewMoonMovie was lucky enough to find some great pics of the entire Volturi, scroll down a little on their site and see each character.

We also learned, Death Cab for Cutie has officially been chosen for the first single of the New Moon Soundtrack, the songs called "Meet me on the Equinox" which will also premiere on on sept.13-they're such a great band, i love "I will possess your heart")
                                 New Moon Soundtrack Cover

to make this day even BETTER

it's time to call off the missing person search.

Rob's FINALLY been spotted on the set of Eclipse!!!! photos can be seen on their website since it was taken by our fav paps at Socialite Life, they recently posted even more photos than the first two this morning.

are you ready????!!!!!

Here he is......................


ok! really! here he is..............
Ahhhhh, how we've missed you :)

that's why i love being a Virgo, Happy early B-day to me!!!!

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