August 28, 2009

Top 5 reasons Bella and Jacob's relationship couldn't work

He has a bad temper, Edward warned her to stay away from him because a young werewolf is very irrational

He's too impulsive, a little spontaneity is good sometimes but all time could be dangerous

If she stayed human and Jacob stayed wolf, she would die before he could grow old

Jacob preferred being in his wolf form more than being human

He would eventually get bored and leave her, once the chase was over and the excitement it brought with it

*BONUS~Wolves don't sparkle and if he can't sparkle, how can he dazzle you?*

Vampire Personal Ad by nyxxie23.

FUNNY TWILIGHT COLLAGE by iliketwilightmorethanyou.
Lmao by Venomous.☆.Kiss.

sorry team Jacob, that was a low blow but had to post that one, it was too funny not to!
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