August 24, 2009


Last week I clearly warned and educated you TwiHards on proper set stalking. Somehow i find reports that you guys chose not to follow my instructions which really disappoints me. Lainey reports of one such incidents, some lady apparently keeps trying to make herself apart of production??? wtf lady and to make it worst she tried something similar on the set of New Moon. WAKE UP!!!! you are the reason Rob, Kstew and Taylor are hiding, take it from me, your crazy ass behavior won't make them want to come outside. First of all, how do you crazy ass sweethearts know where each location will be? who's got this inside tip and why the hell aren't they sharing it???? did anyone bother to ask or even invite me set but i'm not too hurt :( Thank God you haven't scared Kellan away YET......Click to view full size image
photo taken from Kellan Lutz Online, it was taken while he was leaving lax, did i mention i soooo need to find a job working at the airport.

Peter tweeted that he will be in Portland on sat signing autographs even though they cancelled TwiCon, he's hoping to raise money for charity which is another reason why he really deserves to be Mr. Twitter, he's such a caring person.

***********Rob and Kstew were on set today according to director David Slade via Twitter

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