August 28, 2009

*Just in* Kstew the pics you've been waiting for!!!!

Kristen Stewart: Forks High Graduate

We found these pics over at Just jared, it's Kstew in her Bella weave! Guess they found a way to cover that mess she was rocking in July. We love you Kstew but Joan Jett needed to keep that style in the 80's where it died, god rests it's soul. She looks really beautiful though, and i love the's so Bella like, it says "I graduated now can we get the hell outta here, I hope Alice don't think she can drag me to that party she's throwing I really hope no one shows up, it's the Cullen's house after all!"

What do you think? is the hair believable?

Thanks again to RobPattzNews again for the amazing tweet!

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