August 27, 2009

Rob vs. Kellan...oh the hotttttness

Popsugar has this interesting little competition going on their site called Hottest Shirtless Guys, basically they have a bunch of pics of our fav guys shirtless and we vote on the hottest ones, needless to we didn't see it coming, RPattz and Kellan are the last two standing. With that said feel free to submit your vote for your choice and God Bless if you can choose because as a fan of both I've got to say the choice is pretty damn hard.                                                                          
                                                                               Robert and Kellan's Road to the Shirtless Finals!
might i say this pic really moves me, it makes me feel dirrrty *wink*

and then there's unexpectedly, unbelievably speechless....................oh sweet jesus
Robert pattinson by HearttRob_13.

HOW does one choose????? *speechless*

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