August 24, 2009

For your Kellan viewing pleasure.....

So I've been slacking with my posts [sorries]. I seriously went to post the Dakota Fanning post 3 days ago! Soooo to make up for my lack of postings, and to give us all a reason to drool over our computers I'm posting some georgous pictures of the only Vampire myself and Kim can agree upon- Kellan Lutz! So the few paparazzi that are left floating around the City of Angels [LA] captured some nice pics of Kel being a normal man with a flat tire =) Enjoy!!

I think he's turning wife-beater shirts into a trend... or his own personal trend?
Either way no complaints from me!
this pic has nothing to do with Kellan's flat-tire incident...
.. but I hadn't seen this exact pic when the others were
posted sooo think of this one as extra =)
[all picture credit given to Socialite Life]

*I just now noticed that myself and Kim have kind of been favoring Kellan a little bit... which is odd since of favorite boys are Taylor and Rob [respectively] but this is mainly because his photos have been popping up more so than Tay & Rob [whom have both been in hiding!] Soooo we will try our very best to post pics of the other guys [and girls] from the movie... plus we're close to jumping aboard Jackson's ship cause he's too darn adorable!! =)

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