August 28, 2009

Twi-merchandise.. is it becoming too much?!

** Kim claims this is "old news" BUT I still feel like posting it.. since I don't post as often as I would like =/ so let me have my moment **

As I was checking my twitter this morning yesterday before an 8am meeting & I noticed a tweet from local radio station 102.7 Kiis fm & can u guess what it said?! Nope nothing about Britney Spears' tour, Miley Cyrus or (technically) no other music related news. They inform their followers that those lovely Edward Cullen/RPattz shower curtains have sold out! WTF r u ppl serious? Idk if I'm more upset that they wasted a tweet on this information or that the shower curtain was really that big of a item. I mean if these buyers are under 18 yr olds their mom and/or dad forked up $70 (according to the site) to have the house bathroom (or their daugher's if she has her own) decked out w/ Rob's face. Yea its suppose to be "edward cullen" but this isn't a cartoon people, its not the same as a 5yr old wanted SpongeBob bathroom decor!Its still Rob's face staring at u as u shower/bathe.... which is distrubing I'm sorry. Isn't the posters "staring" at u n your room bad enough. (Y'all totally know what I mean. If you've ever had ur room decked out w/ posters n u look at em long enough and it appears their staring back when u move...). Now if anyone over age 18 has purchased this shower curtain... shame on you! That worse than me almost buying the JTimberlake Rolling Stone tote bag from Wal-mart (which I almost did yesterday :-/ )
So yea. This twilight merchandise craze has gone too far. Next will they be saying "The Vamp" has sold out? I won't even want to know the age demographics for that! So people please calm down w/ the random twilight merchandise... its not that serious... although someone should totally make Emmett workout gear! I'd buy that! :)

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