August 28, 2009

Boo Boo's photos-sexy or just plain wrong???

If your into Twilight and have been following the madness of Eclipse which is currently filming in Vancouver you know who Boo Boo is. If not, he's the luckiest 15 yr old who was recently chosen to play the part of Seth Clearwater in Eclipse. Boo Boo is 15 yrs and basically looks like Taylor Lautners twin-that is if your twin came out two years after you did-there's been a lot of pics of Boo Boo floating around the web of a photoshoot he recently did. I won't even bother to explain these pic, i would rather have you formulate your own ideas!
BooBoo Stewart Seth Clearwater
So what do you think? is this wrong? i mean these pics create thoughts, thoughts an adult should not be having about a 15 yr old child-Taylor's 17 and legal in GA so he's exempt, such pics of him are acceptable *wink* personally I feel like a dirty old lady and i'm only 21! more pics can be found on Mayhem's blog, shame on you all for having those thoughts! LMAO

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