August 29, 2009

Bella's BFF has been found

As many of you know, some of the key players in the Twilight franchise (KStew, RPattz & Taylor [who doesn't have a nickname =/] ) have been MIA pretty much since eclipse filming began! Within the last few days however, pics have surfaced of Kristen going wig shopping and now during on-set filming. Robert also just recently came out of hiding.. and he had been doing a pretty darn good job of doing so! I mean this man went what, 1 if not 2 weeks without being spotting by paps!! Now my 2nd fav actor from the Twilight Saga [2nd only to Mr. Kellan] has really been MI-freakin-A!!! Many thought he snuck back to SoCal but since all the LA paps are in Canada we had no idea. But now ladies, [and gentlemen?] Taylor has been photographed! Its a happy moment for all us Team Jacob fans. I was almost scared they would try to replace lil Taylor... which would cause me to go POSTAL on Summit's ass! but now those drastic actions will not be necessary!! Thanks to the paps... even though I do wish the Eclipse cast could eat in peace =/

Tay walking with Elizabeth [Esme]

Wonder who he's texting... Selena maybe? [ok.. i wont go there b4 the rumors start; although they r cute!]

* photos used - found here

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