August 27, 2009

Rounding out today's TwiNews

Billy Burke tweeted that he'll be on the set of Eclipse tomorrow and they'll be shooting-drum roll please lol-the graduation scene! I can't wait to see what pics will surface, esp the ones of KStew. Speaking of set, Ashley and Jackson were also on set today- we got so caught up Rob's MIA search party, sorry :)-it looks like they cut her hair some even though she's so pretty she could go bald and still make a statement. It wouldn't be Alice like but she'd defiantly rock it! Thanks to Team Twilight for the awesome news!

Twilight Beauty is a go, they have really interesting things on there, the colors are quiet remarkable. If we have any male readers, i do apologize but that makeup is really original.

******I'm also told that we have 14 yr old TwiHards stalking the Eclipse set??? Parents that is not ok! you should know where your children are and they should not be spending five hours outside a movie set when they don't have a part in the production. you can read more of this madness by clicking on Twifans.
- I must say i'm not too mad because she is following my set stalking educate so kudos to you little girl for not screaming or disturbing.
- I will also say i'm very jealous being stuck in LA but my time will come :)

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