August 27, 2009

Ooooh My Tweeting Heroes

Can i just start by saying how much i love twitter right now-sorry Rob-it just reminds me how hilarious some of our fav twilight celebs are like Billy when he called out that reporter  IMG_0577 by xdrew574x.        
Or PFach when he won his bet     IMG_0594 by xdrew574x.
i'm still laughing about that one and it looks like he is too! PFach seems to tweet this as often as he can and to be honest I still laugh every single time so tweet on guys, tweet on. These two keep me so entertained i'm laughing at work at the most random, you can hear a pin drop it's so quiet time. -via txt of course!

*****a little FYIII to all you PFach fans, Peter totally kissed a boy on the season finale of Nurse Jackie, you know the one that aired Mon night on Sho. I shameless watched that episode five times just to see it happen again and it was soooo worth it, is it me or did he seem to like it???

I seem to be crushing on the whole cast lately-I know it's not just me either!- J Chon and his new do, Mike Welch looking so cute, even the wolf pack....fine just Paul played by Alex Meraz, Jack Huston, Billy Burke, PFach, Cam, Jackson, Kellan and Rob you might even throw a little Kstew, Anna, Ashley and Nikki-even though every time i think of her and Paris, ewwww, i pity her- to answer your question, yes, i do like the good one and the bad ones too, sometimes it's more fun that way!

photos taken from yahoo and Lainey gossip

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