September 4, 2009

*Day filled with exciting news* :)

So i'm officially on va-cay-cay as of 7pm tonight and i'm super excited caused that means I can blog like a mofo for an entire wk and a half straight, us true twilighters know sleeping is always optional when it comes to our men! hmmm wonder if I can really go a whole 24hrs just blogging??? wonder if I should try it?

Sorry back to the news, I think we should start the night right, by stopping your heart......are you ready???

I wonder who that could be???? I think we would recognize him even if we only saw a pic of his biceps :) and now for your daily cardiac, maybe you guys aren't ready for that yet so i'll tell you this-NM tickets are available now for CA! yup, you heard me. We also found out the red carpet premiere will be on Nov.16 in Westwood (told you so bestie, Westwood is the Sh*t, most premieres end up there and that's where Twilight premiered so i'm not surprised, i was planning on being there that Tues since I found out NM was premiering Nov.20) anyways, if by some miracle i can't make it (like i'm hospitalized for instance...with my driving that's a possibility) i'm planning to go to the midnight showing on Nov.19 I will go to Long Beach, Fresno or where ever to see this damn movie-not opposed to driving to another state either if Cali is sold out. :)****FYIIII, you can search your city on Fandango to see if your able to buy tickets now and I would suggest doing so because the list seems to get bigger every day!

and now the cardiac arrest I  promised....gotta go watch Twilight!

ALWAYS look at me like that, it makes me melt!

Thanks to Radar for the pic of Kellan, @Cullanboysanonymous for the premiere info and google  for the pic of Rob!


  1. i thought kellan was the cardiac arrest? Rob did nothin to stop my heart.... sorries

  2. Due to your rude comment you are banned from this blog missy and relieved of your duty as TwiBFF! return your friendship card a.s.a.p



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