September 2, 2009

I'm just speechless!!

So i was right on the money last night-being drunk does that to me-tonight @TwilightLexicon confirmed my suspicion and busted the fake-@CDCrigger-on twitter, how do we know he's fake you ask? he deleted his account less than 15 mins later. I knew something was weird when he put that post this morning as Taylor Lautner saying he left his twitter signed in  lmao-the loser.

In more exciting news-MTV confirmed Rob, Kris and Tay will be at the VMA's on Sunday sept 13 and they'll bring fresh NM footage, so to recap not only do we get the Death Cab for Cutie single on that day we get the cast and NM, i'm so happy to be a Virgo. check it out yourself!!!

Please stay with me here we have one more bit of Infofo lol those rumors of early NM ticket sales are actually true-i know it's like finding out Robsten was dating and they broke up all in the same day but calm down TwiHards he still wouldn't date us-you can find the full list courtesy of screenrant, the only catch it's only certain cities in some states and to all my Cali ppl i'm sorry to say but we're not on the early ticket sale list.

84520903, FilmMagic /FilmMagic
-pic was taken last yr at the VMA's in LA damn it! i love the look on Rob's face

Since we're on a roll we're going to overlook this weeks latest rumor that Robsten is officially engaged, wtf ppl why are we still buying these magazines unless you want pretty wrapping paper. Need more proof of OK magazines stupidity click here, when the hell did they say NM was gonna be released???? 2010??

***Special thanks to my TwiBff Nicole for my Team Edward cake, it tasted as good as it looks, thanks for putting your Jake aside for my special day!!


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