August 16, 2009

Robs REAL girlfriend!!!

~~ Disclaimer: we do not hate Catherine...this is merely for humorous. We don't intend to offending anyone, so please don't take this the wrong way. ~~

Most of us saw the pics from last sunday night at the TCA where Catherine inappropriatly fondled our RPattz. Although we are grateful [I think we are] that Catherine directed the Twilight movie, some of her behavior, around Rob especially, has been a little too much to handle, even for me [NiC0LE]. After seeing some interviews, award shows, and other footage it has become clear to us both that something is wrong with Catherine. Does she have the hots for Rob Pattinson??? Trust us, the proof is out there. Read our list of incidences below, tell us if you agree, disagree-dint see how you could, but if you must...- or if you know of other incidences that we may have forgotten.

We decided to make this particular posting way before we made the blog. it all started with the bonus features on my 3-disc [yepp 3] Twilight DvD. Sadly, I was really annoyed with the way Catherine talked about certain topics... well more so I though it was funnie yet couldn't bare to listen. It wasn't noticeable until recently, while watching the voice-over commentary that Kristen, Rob & Catherine made for the movie, which brings us to the beginning of it all!
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no, not KStew, the one on the right ~~~~~> more pics can be found at Getty Images

1) too often through out the commentary Catherine makes comments and jokes, to or about Rob, that seem wayyyy too flirty!! One point in particular she says "ROB!! Stop it! *giggle*" Yes the woman giggles like a little school girl! WTF i can only imagine Kirsten was a little uncomfy! I was very uncomfy and i could only hear the woman for Christ sake.

2) during the commentary, Rob mentioned something about a particularly hard day of filming, he remembered crying in his trailer while watching a movie, etc, etc.. then Catherine makes the most random comment "Yea i remember, i was with you" [the exact quote will come...] UMMMM... is she putting their business on the street or WHAT??!! Chillax Catherine!

3) Again during commentary... i think its the part in the movie when the students leave the green house.. Rob starts rambling about how he was trying to make a sexy face but it didn't quite work out and Ms. Hardwicke makes another inappropriate comment to the turn of "Oh yea! you look real sexy here Rob!" <-- soo not necessary! Even my [Nicole] mother, who kinda thinks Rob is adorable, said Catherine was going too far with her comments! It was at that point when my mom had to turn the commentary off! lol

4) The Teen Choice Awards 2009... I'm sure you all have seen the pics! of all the cast members to squeeze next to, she chooses Rob! convenient, much? yea.. some of the pics people posted online show them all hugged up... i don't have much comments on that little subject for now....

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During the same commentary Rob spoke of his biceps and how much he needed to do to create Edwards body needless to say Ms. always gotta have a comment Catherine compliments Rob on his body again!! so that makes four times in less than thirty minutes. It's sad when cougars prey on the innocent.

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