September 2, 2009

BiRTHDaY for.... Team Edward!

** this was meant to be posted on Sept 1.. but due to school and a outting that involved alcohol... this being posted now =) **

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday Monday :( I guess I should inform y'all now... I just started back at school so I will be busy w/ that & other obligations... and Ms Kim works full time. So we will post when we can, promise! So the kick off September I have a fun post/announcement HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM! If you're wondering who 'Kim' is, SHAME. ON. YOU-TwiRemedy. She's the other person blogging all this Twilight stuff with me! :) but yea... she got her gifts yesterday since I have had class allll day on her actual b-day! But best of all? Her cake! Please disregard the purple... I didn't ask for purple and I clearly dnt see how it blends in with red and greyish/black. But I'm assuming that's how Albertson's rolls? .... oh well...

Yes i know its a 'Twilight' pic but I really could not find a better picture! And had no luck finding any NM poster pics [remember- I'm team Jacob... more experienced at locating pics of Taylor & Kellan!]

** also, PLEASE ask for permission if u wish to 'share' this pic. and don't try passing it off as your own cake. thats just not nice

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