September 1, 2009

In recent Twilight events....

We are officially under the 80 day mark, we've been seeing a lot of activity over in Vancouver since Eclipse is supposed to wrap on Oct. 30th. For those who missed in, figured i'd just recap these recent events.

Taylor's teen vogue shoot taken from socialite, this pic seemed appropriate with the cougar sign on the car, remember 17 is legal in GA you will get arrested in LA!
Random Things
Kristen's borrowed weave found on Radar has caused such a big stir because everyone hates that thing they put on her head. Same on Summit for recycling Jacob's weave from Twilight, all they had to do was ask and i could have recommended someone from the ghetto to make that thing look real-lol, yes i said it, the best weaves come from the block-poor Kstew she's rocking it too! God bless her for that. 

Rob's Premiere pic found on socialite, apparently twilight has been nominated for the scream awards- It's an award show dedicated to fantasy, sci-fi, comics and horror movies, you can cast your votes here the award show will air on Tues Oct.27 on Spike.

*****P.S. don't worry, more blogs coming soon, brushing up on my Twilight dirt first and don't forget to vote for us as the Ultimate Twilight fans on twitter, we represent all of you who are dedicated everything Twilight.

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  1. i just realized what the car said! hahaha cougar! i guess thats me.. just until he's 18 =)



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