August 20, 2009

Dear crazy ass set stalking Twihards, please accept my apology.............

today i came to realization that it might be next to impossible for you twihards to avoid the eclipse set now that it's been leaked. Hell who am i kidding, if i didn't have a job/bills or lived in or never Vancouver or Canada for that matter I'd be there at midnight too! Sooooo in light of my recent Epiphany i did a little digging and came across some great advice...........drum roll please.........~How not to f*ck up your set stalking experience, this might be the most important thing you will EVER read:

2.) If you are fortunate enough to know where filming is going on, whether it be today or tomorrow or next week, I suggest you keep that information to yourself. Don’t want to go alone? Invite a friend, and still don’t tell them where you are going. Again, I repeat: DO NOT F*CKING TELL ANYONE WHERE THEY ARE SHOOTING. No matter how exciting it is to have this knowledge, or how cool you think people will think you are for knowing, it is NOT worth announcing to the world on Twitter/blogs/mass text/etc. where they are shooting. Why? Let’s elaborate with the finest example, as recently mentioned by Kristen Stewart herself in Dazed & Confused: TWITTER. By posting the location on Twitter, even if your Twiter is locked, you are allowing the entire world (yes, the ENTIRE world) access to the location. People will RT you like crazy, not to mention “fan” blogs/sites will post this information on their sites - opening the information up to an entirely new mass of people. Be fucking selfish. Who cares if your Internet bestie doesn’t talk to you for a week? The LESS PEOPLE at the set the LESS OF A DISTRACTION you are to the actors, crew and security, therefore the LESS they will try to block you out of their world. I will only say this one more time: DON’T TELL ANYONE WHERE THE SET LOCATIONS ARE.

3.) This one really burns my ass. Screaming. Don’t f*cking scream. ESPECIALLY on this particular set! ESPECIALLY if it’s because Robert Pattinson is on this particular set! If you are a fan and have paid any attention to the words that come out of his mouth in any interview he’s done and not just the pictures on the side, you know that Robert Pattinson has severe panic attacks - the fans made him CRY in Italy last Spring. If you scream at him, he is going to run away with his tail between his legs. And hate you forever, because you’ve scared the bloody out of his Brit accent. Do. Not. Scream. Not to mention, if you are over the age of 13, it makes you look like a loser. I can even let it slide up to around 17, and after that? You are an adult. Act like one.....clicky on the link to keep reading.......................................this was posted by @aliceinnyc

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