September 5, 2009

Rob's REAL girlfriend or so she wishes~part 2

A few weeks ago we posted a blog about Catherine Hardwicke and her innapropriare advances towards Rob from their first day of cast to their last days of filming. During New Jerseys Twilight Convention she made a few comments about Rpattz which compelled us to revisit this topic. Ms. Hardwicke has also confirmed some of my primary suspicions, one of which being she's a bonified cougar.
-Ms. Cougar Hardwicke won Rob's trust easily, she "comforted" him when he was hired to play Edward since some TwiHards felt he didn't fit the role-why do you guys feel the need to ruin everything???
-She gave Rob extensions because she loves long hair??? this is just wrong, like brother and sister falling in love wrong!
-She held the casting in her house as she she openly tells anyone when ever she talks about meeting Rob-i can't even comment on that one so i'll let you do with that what you will
-Lets not forget the most disturbing of all, her pda at the tca's if you need photographic evidence click here
Catherine Hardwicke with her "Twilight"-related magazine collection

***update- some of you seem to be confused, that magazine rack is inside Catherine's house, she has an entire twilight room!

Thanks to Hollywood crush who wrote about the Twilight Convention and MTV for this, is it just me or do most of those magazines have Rob's face on them?? i'm just saying ppl, i'm just saying!

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