August 30, 2009

Your Ultimate Guide to everything Twilight

So, you've found Twilight-maybe you got curious about the hype and watched the movie like we did, maybe your friends talked you into it, maybe you saw the book and bought it. What ever your reason was for becoming a fan you are now hooked on the saga, its like your own personal brand of heroin. Now your asking yourself what am i supposed to do after finishing the book? If you haven't already you need to read all four books in the series-Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn-now this is a must if you want to stop thinking about the series 24/7. Then you can read about 240 pgs from the fifth (unreleased) book Midnight Sun from Stephenie Meyers website- long story, basically the author posted it because it was leaked on to the internet, it's Twilight told from Edwards perspective. Next you need to see Twilight the movie-again this is if you haven't already, even though i watch it every week-it's not a big budget film so there are a few flaws, like the make up and editing but you'll love it all the same. After doing all this you wait patiently until Nov 20th for premiere of New Moon and again for June 2010 for the premiere of Eclipse. Finally, visit our blog daily for updates on filming as well as your favorite twilight characters/actors. We also have original posts you won't find any where else likes Catherine's questionable behavior towards Rob as well as proper Twihard  behavior.

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Found this on you tube and thought it was hilarious and the perfect way to finish this blog. The song's called "Jacob your a dog" by the Mitch Hansen Band. It's written from Edward eyes towards the end of New Moon  about Jacob- of course- and his inappropriate feelings toward Bella during Edward's absence.

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